hackerspace co-op meeting space waukesha sussexLocated in Sussex, Wisconsin, the Meetupery is both a physical place and a community of people. Think of it as a workspace of creative people, freelancers, those who enjoy technology, science, arts, math or electronics. At the Meetupery, you’ll find people into music, video, photography and more. We like to think that the Meetupery brings tinkerers, artists and doers together under one roof!

The Meetupery is a community-operated workspace where people with common interests can meet, socialize or collaborate.  While this type of venue or community is sometimes referred to as a “hackerspace“, it’s more likely that people might refer to it as more of a co-op or community center where members and the general public can gather for group activities, to receive social support, to learn and share or almost anything else imaginable.

As you can imagine, the Meetupery is member-driven. Decisions for the organization remain largely in the members’ hands. It’s like a social club for people who like to create things, share ideas, and collaborate. Our members are able to meet and discuss projects, explore technical endeavors, and communicate thoughts and work on projects individually or as a group.

The Meetupery acts as hub for the community by providing a safe environment that nurtures the creative process and personal growth. It exists to help support its members’ projects – whatever they might be. Through collectivism and a democratic process our members gather new skills and expand their minds.

Our Resident members have access to the space during the workday, at night, and on weekends, while Community members can swing by on weeknights and weekends. View our membership options.

N69W25055 Indiangrass Lane Suite G Sussex, WI 53089